Secure, Moderate, and Grow your Community on Telegram is a bot service designed to manage your Telegram community so you don't have to. Yup, you read that right... Our bot handles loads of features to automate the quality of your community.

Automate Your Community

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Automate Announcements

Schedule your most important messages to automatically post every 30 minutes.

Control Community Links

Whitelist links specific to your community and remove unwanted links automatically.

Automatic Bans

Warn members in your community if they post unwanted links, media, or spam and ban them when they reach their limit.

Triggered Commands

Setup messages that trigger with commands or hashtags.

Bot Removal

Make sure the members who join your community are actual humans. Auto ban those bots!

Admin Settings

Make your bot unique to your community with admin controls.


A dashboard to control it all!

The dashboard was developed to control the current features more easily and make room for future features. Some of the new features that we added to the dashboard in this version are focused on growth for your community like analytics and a referral system.

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